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Overviews are listed first. Miller, naomi f. 1991 the near east. In. Eds. W. Van zeist, k. Wasylikowa, and k. -e. Behre, pp. 133-160. A. A. Balkema, rotterdam. Download pdf 1997 the macrobotanical evidence for vegetation in the near east, c. 18000 16000 bc to 4000 bc. . , eds. C. L. Redman, s. R. James, p. R. Fish, and j. D. Rogers, pp. 130-140. Smithsonian institution press, washington d. C. Download pdf willcox, g. 1991 exploitation des espces ligneuses au proche-orient donnes anthracologiques. . 17(2) 117-126. Zohary, daniel, maria hopf, and ehud weiss 2012. 4th ed. Oxford university press, oxford. The annual listing of literature on archaeological remains of cultivated plants, edited by h. Kroll, can be found online and in the journal. Yemen sites costantini 1984, 1985, 1986, 1990, de moulins al. 2003. Gonur (turkmenistan) miller 1993, 1999, moore et al. 1994. Jeitun (turkmenistan) asouti 2010, charles charles harris et al. 1993, 1996. 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Glusker 1996 chemical evidence for a wine residue from warka (uruk) inside a late uruk period spouted jar. Baghdader mitteilungen 27 39-43. Iraq uruk 4m vitis bakhteyev, f. K. And zoya v. Yanushevich 1980 discoveries of cultivated plants in the early farming settlements of yarym-tepe i and yarym-tepe ii in northern iraq. Journal of archaeological science 7 167-178. Iraq yarim tepe neolithic charles, michael 1993 botanical remains. In abu salabikh, vol. 4, ed. A. Green, pp. 203-204. British school of archaeology in iraq. Iraq abu salabikh 3m costantini, lorenzo and loredana costantini biasini 1993 the plant remains. In tell karrana 3, tell jikan, tell khirbet salih, g. Wilhelm and c. Zaccagnini, pp. 237-50 + pls. Civ and cv. Baghdader forschungen 15, mainz am rhein philipp von zabern. Iraq tell karrana 3 3m ellison, rosemary, jane renfrew, don brothwell and nigel seeley 1978 some food offerings from ur, excavated by sir leonard woolley, and previously unpublished. 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In isin-isan bahriyat iv, die ergebnisse der ausgrabungen 1986-1989, b. Hrouda, pp. 194-197. Iraq isin 3m nesbitt, m. R. 1995 4. The search for plant remains. In qermez dere, tell afar interim report no. 3, vol. 14, project paper. Edited by t. Watkins, pp. 9-11, 40-45. Edinburgh department of archaeology, university of edinburgh. On-line iraq qermez dere epipaleo nesbitt, m. R. 1998 preliminary report on the plant remains from m lefaat. Cahiers de l euphrate 8 232-233 + 272. On-line iraq m lefaat 8m renfrew, jane m. 1984 cereals cultivated in ancient iraq. Bulletin on sumerian agriculture 1 32-44. Iraq safar, fuad, and mohammed ali mustafa 1981 eridu. (pp. 317-318). State organization of antiquities and heritage, baghdad. Iraq eridu 5m 4m savard, manon, mark nesbitt, and rowena gale 2003 archaeobotanical evidence for early neolithic diet and subsistence at m lefaat (iraq). Paleorient 29(1) 93-106. On-line iraq m lefaat 12m savard, manon, mark nesbitt, and martin k. Jones 2006 the role of wild grasses in subsistence and sedentism new evidence from the northern fertile crescent. Worldarchaeology 38(2) 179-186. On-line turkey iraq hallan emi demirky qermez dere m lefaat epipaleo 10m schiemann, e. 1940 charred seeds. (identification by e. Schiemann) in the temple oval at khafajah, by p. Delougaz, p. 154. Chicago oriental institute press. Download entire book. Iraq khafajah 3m van zeist, willem 1991 lower mesopotamian plant remains from the fourth century b. C. And the first second century a. D. In northern akkad project reports 5, mesopotamian history and environment, series 1, pp. 61-69. Ghent. Iraq abu qubur mahmudiya 1m 1m ad parthian. Van zeist, willem with j. Vynckier 1984 palaeobotanical investigations of tell ed-der. In tell ed-der iv, ed. Leon de meyer, pp. 119-143. Leuven uitgeverij peeters. Iraq tell ed-der 2m waines, j. Giles 1973 plant remains from tell taya, iraq. Iraq 35 185-187. Entire article on-line iraq tell taya ed akkadian watkins, t. , d. Baird and a. Betts 1989 qermez dere and the early aceramic of n. Iraq. Palorient 15(1) 19-24. Iraq qermez dere 9m 8m 7m watson, p. J. 1983 a note on the jarmo plant remains. In prehistoric archaeology along the zagros flanks, eds. L. S. Braidwood, r. J. Braidwood, b. Howe, c. Reed, and p. J. Watson, pp. 501-503. Oriental institute publications 105. Chicago university of chicago. Download entire book iraq jarmo neolithic. .
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