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Accumulated by naomi f. Miller, university of pennsylvania museum may, 2014 baines, jonathan a. , simone riehl, nicholas conard, mohsen zeidi-kulehparcheh 2014 upper palaeolithic archaeobotany of ghar-e boof cave, iran a case study in site disturbance and methodology. Archaeological and anthropological sciences online, may 2014 iran ghar-e boof 30m upper paleolithic costantini, lorenzo 1985 considerazioni su alcuni reperti di palma da dattero e sul centro di origine e l& ,area di coltivazione della. Costantini, lorenzo 1977 le piante. In la citta bruciata del deserto salato, ed. G. Tucci, pp. 159-228. Venice erizzo editrice. Iran 3m shahr-i sokhta costantini, lorenzo 1979 wood remains from shahr-i sokhta. In south asian archaeology 1977, ed. M. Taddei, pp. 87-121. Naples. Iran 3m shahr-i sokhta costantini, l. And l. Biasini 1984 i resti vegetali dei saggi a qal eh ismail aga e a tappeh gijlar. In tra lo zagros e l urmia, richerche storiche ed arqueologiche nell azerbaigian iraniano, eds. P. E. Pecorella and mirjo salvini, pp. 397-402 + pls. Edizioni dell ateneo, rome. Iran qal eh ismail aga gijlar 1m costantini, lorenzo and l. Costantini biasini 1985 palaeoethnobotanical studies of prehistoric settlements in soughun and dowlatabad valleys, iran. Newsletter of baluchistan studies (istituto universitario orientale, naples) 2 16-230. Iran yahya shahr-i-sokhta costantini, lorenzo and robert h. Jr. Dyson 1990 the ancient agriculture of the damghan plain the archaeobotanical evidence from tepe hissar. In economy and settlement in the near east, ed. N. F. Miller, pp. 46-64. Masca research papers in science and archaeology, supplement to vol. 7, philadelphia. Iran 5m 4m 3m 2m hissar helbaek, hans 1969 plant-collecting, dry-farming, and irrigation agriculture in prehistoric deh luran. In prehistory and human ecology of the deh luran plain, eds. F. Hole, k. V. Flannery, and j. A. Neely, pp. 383-426. University of michigan museum of anthropology memoir 1. Ann arbor university of michigan museum of anthropology. Iran neolithic ali kosh musiyan tepe sabz hopf, maria and u. Willerding 1989 pflanzenresten. In bastam ii, ausgrabungen in den urartaischen anlagen 1977-1978, w. Kleiss, pp. 263-318 + plates. Teheraner forschungen 5. Deutsches archologisches institut. Iran bastam 1m kimiaie, masoumeh 2003 macrobotanical remains. . Excavations at tol-e basi, iran. Social life in a neolithic village, eds. S. Pollock, r. Bernbeck, and k. Abdi, pp. 230-237. Verlag philipp von zabern, mainz. Iran tol-e basi 7m 6m kyllo, m. A. And r. N. L. B. Hubbard 1981 median and parthian plant remains from tepe nush-i jan. Iran 19 91-100. Iran nush-i jan 1m mashkour, marjan, margareta tengberg, zohreh shirazi, and youssef madjidzadeh 2013 bio-archaeological studies at konar sandal, halil rud basin, southeastern iran. Environmental archaeology 18 222-246. Iran konar sandal 3m miller, naomi f. 1977 preliminary report on the botanical remains from tepe jaffarabad, 1969-1974 campaigns. Cahiers de la dlgation archologique franaise en iran 7 49-53. Iran jaffarabad miller, naomi f. 1981 the plant remains. In an early town on the deh luran plain, excavations at tepe farukhabad, henry t. Wright, pp. 227-232, 427-430. University of michigan museum of anthropology memoir 13. Ann arbor university of michigan museum of anthropology. Iran uruk 3m farukhabad miller, naomi f. 1981 plant remains from ville royale ii, susa. Cahiers de la dlgation archologique franaise en iran 12 137-142. Download pdf iran parthian neo-elamite susa miller, naomi f. 1982 economy and environment of malyan, a third millennium b. C. Urban center in southern iran. Ph. D. Dissertation, department of anthropology, university of michigan, ann arbor. (on line through deep blue) iran 3m malyan miller, naomi f. 1983 paleoethnobotanical results from bendebal and jaffarabad. Cahiers de la dlgation archologique franaise en iran 13 277-284. Download pdf iran bendebal jaffarabad miller, naomi f. 1984 the interpretation of some charred cereal remains as remnants of dung cake fuel. Bulletin on sumerian agriculture 1 45-47. Iran 3m malyan miller, naomi f. 1984 the use of dung as fuel an ethnographic example and an archaeological application. Palorient 10(2) 71-79. Iran 3m malyan miller, naomi f. 1985 paleoethnobotanical evidence for deforestation in ancient iran a case study of urban malyan. Journal of ethnobiology 5 1-19. Iran 3m malyan. Miller, naomi f. 1985 paleoethnobotanical research in khuzestan. Palorient 11(2) 125-137. Iran miller, naomi f. 1996 appendix c. Palaeoethnobotany. In excavations at anshan (tal-e malyan) the middle elamite period, e. Carter, pp. 99-108. Philadelphia university of pennsylvania museum. Download pdf iran malyan 2m miller, naomi f. 2003 archaeobotany in iran, past and future. Inyeki bud, yeki nabud, essays on the archaeology of iran in honor of william m. Sumner, eds. N. F. Miller and k. Abdi, pp. 8-15. Monograph 48. Cotsen institute of archaeology, university of california, los angeles. Download pdf iran miller, naomi f. 2003 plant remains from the 1996 excavation. . Excavations at the prehistoric mound of chogha bonut, khuzestan, iran, seasons 1976 77, 1977 78, and 1996, by abbas alizadeh, pp. 123-128. Oriental institute publications 120. Chicago. Available through oi publications iran chogha bonut 8m 7m miller, naomi f. And masoumeh kimiaie 2006 some plant remains from the 2004 excavations of tall-e mushki, tall-e jari a and b, an tall-e bakun a and b. . The origins of state organizations in prehistoric highland fars, southern iran. Excavations at tall-e bakun, by abbas alizadeh, pp. 107-118. Oriental institute publications 128. Chicago. Pdf on-line iran t. Mushki t. Jari t. Bakun 6m 5m miller, naomi f. And tristine l. Smart 1984 intentional burning of dung as fuel a mechanism for the incorporation of charred seeds into the archeological record. Journal of ethnobiology 4 15-28. Iran malyan 3m pabot, henri 1960 the native vegetation and its ecology in the khuzistan river basins. Manuscript deposited with the khuzistan development service, ahwaz, iran. Retyped from mimeographed copy. Download pdf radford, david scott 1980 the study of ancient plant material from tepe farukhabad. Masters& , thesis. University of southampton, southampton. Iran uruk 4m 3m 2m farukhabad riehl, simone, marion benz, nicholas j. Conard, hojjat darabi, and katleen deckers, et al. 2012 plant use in three pre-pottery neolithic sites of the northern and eastern fertile crescent a preliminary report. Vegetation history and archaeobotany 21 95-106. Doi 10. 1007 s00334-011-0318-y iran chogha golan east chia sabz 9m 8m turkey krtik tepe 10m tengberg, margareta 2004 archaeobotanical analysis at tepe sialk, results from the 2003 04 season. . The potters of sialk, ed. S. Malek shahmirzadi, pp. 25-32. Sialk reconsideration project monograph no. 3. Tehran. Iran sialk 6m 1m tosi, maurizio 1975 hasanlu project 1974 paleobotanical survey. Iran 8 185-186. Iran iron age hasanlu van zeist, willem p. E. L. Smith, r. M. Palfenier-vegter, m. Suwijn, and w. A. Casparie 1984(1986) an archaeobotanical study of ganj dareh tepe, iran. Palaeohistoria 26 201-224. Iran neolithic ganj dareh willcox, george w. 1990 charcoal remains from tepe abdul hosein. In tepe abdul hosein a neolithic site in western iran, excavations 1978, j. Pullar, pp. 223-227. Bar international series 563. Oxford. Iran tepe abdul hosein neolithic woosley, a. -i and f. Hole 1978 pollen evidence of subsistence and environment in ancient iran. Palorient 4 59-70. Iran pollen ali kosh wright, henry t. , naomi f. Miller, and richard w. Redding 1978 time and process in an uruk rural center. In l archologie de l iraq perspectives et limites de l interpretation anthropologique des documents, pp. 265-282. Colloques internationaux du cnrs 580. Paris. Iran uruk 4m sharafabad. .
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